Which disability is easiest to fake?


Is there any Facebook groups, or masterclasses or anything for how to get on disability.

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Needs to follow my friends obesity program.


Just pretend you are deaf…



Morgellens LOL

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Just come out as LGTBFUIA and you will be given everything. Easiest way to get stuff you don’t deserve.


In… I don’t actually have to suck a dick though right? Cause that’s game changer…

Nope and I learned on the OG that you can sleep on other queers’ couches for free by claiming that you have an upset stomach.

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I have like a 24 hr rule after a dicks been sucked on a couch before I sleep on it… Unless it’s mine.

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But yeah this

Egazy and THERaskal are pretty good at acting retarded


We had a guy at work who was out for a back injury. Its well known the company will hire PI’s to follow people around who make these claims so he was on the lookout for the PI. He spotted the PI sitting in his car watching his house so he had his brother (who looks alot like him) go outside and mow the grass and do some yardwork. A few days later he got called in by the company and they fired him…his lawyer sued the company and proved the pictures where not of his client and the company paid them a large settlement. Once he got paid his back got better.


I wish there was an accelerated way for you to skip law school to help him out. But whatever he gets, he will just get catfished out of anyway.

He showed up for a few hours yesterday, spent most of it sitting in his car in the parking lot, then left at 11am for a 1pm apppointment.

“Light duty”, motherfuckers.

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Yes, the previous branch manager retired, a guy from another branch took over and is only here 2-3 days a week, but he immediately singled out K Dogg and started fucking with him. He was legit verbally abusive/harassing to him, so yes this is 100% retaliation, or him pushing back I guess in the only way he feels like he can. When he got hurt, the guy told him to “get the fuck out” and didn’t document/report it, so here we are. His other grievance is that they never took care of getting his tooth fixed when he knocked it out.

There are some legit cases, but most of the time it’s a symptom of suffering from depression.

But instead of tackling the depression, they focus on pain management.

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I could break your friends leg but I would never break yours.

“There wouldn’t be no trouble if it wasn’t for that king shit branch manager! All I wanted was my workman’s comp. But the man kept pushing, Rob”.

hey KJ, good to see you are thinking up a clever new way to improve your situation, very industrious of you…if it’s good enough for the Corporate Welfare Elites then it’s good enough for a great guy like you!

and I hope you are still endeavoring to secure a new SugarMomma, here’s a thread I think may be relevant to your interests and situation!

What’chall think a this SUGAR MOMMA!?!

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