Which Fighter Could You Be Like?

Assuming unlimited time, money, contacts and resources, which fighter could you be like, whether MMA, boxing or MT? Roy Jones, Souwer, Zambidis, BJ, GSP, Hughes, Anderson, Brock?

The guy from The Threes Stooges with the bowl haircut and irascible disposition.

If I was taller and black, I could be Emmanuel Yarborough, I still have to gain about 400 pounds, but I could do it, I love me some food.

bismanfightclub - Is it who we WOULD be like or who we would WANT to be like?  I would like to be more like a Dan Severn, but I would probably end up being more like a tank abbot.

No, who you COULD be like, with your attributes and additional training and time.

Baroni........Robbie Lawler.....Marucs Davis........Chris Lytle.......something to that effect

Probably Jardine.

With all the time and motivation in the wrold...Scott Blevins


155lb Anderson Silva... With Kid Yamamoto's viscious GNP style

 Rampage or Tito.  If you seen my head, you would agree ;)

 Who will be the first fighter to come in here and say their own name?  My vote is for one of the Lauzon brothers.

Depending on the day i could be Crocop or Olaf Alfonso

Paul Buentello.

 You read my mind,  I am always thinking how great I am because of my ability to immitate fighters techniques.  I have the elusiveness of Anderson Silva, my wrestling reminds me of Matt Hughes (I'm very strong), I can kick like Cropcop.  I have the fight tenacity of Dan Henderson, the boxing of Nick Diaz, the humbleness of Fedor.  I also have a mind like Randy Couture, the jiu jitsu skills of BJ Penn, and even the ability to put it all together like GSP.