Which fights shown of ufc 64?

Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva

Sean Sherk vs Kenny Florian

Dan Lauzon vs Spencer Fisher

Carmelo Marrero vs Cheick Kongo

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs Jon Fitch

Kurt Pellegrino vs JR Assuncao

Clay Guida vs Justin James

Yushin Okami vs Kalib Starnes

Mike Nickels vs Keith Jardine

Which of these are shown, which not?

Franklin / Silva

Sherk / Florian

Kongo / Marrero

Fitch / Hironaka

Lauzon / Fisher (swing)

With the possibility of two 5 rounders, we may only see these fights.

Personally I'm dying to see all of them except Nickels / Jardine

Pretty sure Lauzon Fisher is not the swing bout, it's opening the PPV.

Unless things have changed in the last day or so, Spencer told me he was the opener.

I hope that they show the GUIDA/james fight. Clay guida is a warrior!!!!

Lauzon/Fisher is the opening fight. Fitch/Marrero is the swing.

my bad gentlemen. Excellent.