Which game to start with?

Hey guys:

like I said at another post, a friend of mine just gave me 50 of his computer games, because he doesn't have time to play them anymore.

I've narrowed it down to 3 (I just finished Halo): Warcraft III, Max Payne 2, or Jedi Outcast II (I think).

Which one should I start with? He said go with Max Payne, but I just finished Halo, and I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for another shooter.

Max Payne is different type of shooter... or go with Warcraft III ...Jedi II is basically a shooter also

Warcraft III scares the crap out of me, because I'm afraid I'll never leave the house again!

Just finished WarCraft 3 with all 4 races.

Its super fun in single player. I haven't played online yet but I'm sure that's good too.

Super game.

tj tapper

None of 'em.

If your looking for a PC game, I can't highly enough recommend 'Generic First Person Shooter'. It has 10 different weapons, 10 different bad guys and the graphics have been massively upgraded over previous FPS games.

Gamespy gave it 95%.

Warcraft 3 is pretty cool. It's not nearly as fun muliplayer as Starcraft is though.


Real time strategy computer game crack!

do it! do it now!

I just started playing a little bit, and it's already awesome.

I can't highly enough recommend 'Generic First Person Shooter'.
LOL! Bitter, yet funny!

The FPS hate will never die. How about Generic rpg: They're all Japanese but have blonde or blue hair and someone important dies along the journey. And you get to cast spells...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh