Which gun would you choose...

Purely hypothetical question for fun...

So if you had to choose a bolt action battle rifle to fight with, out of these options which would you go with and why?

1) M1903a3
2) Lee-Enfield No.4
3) Yugo Mauser M48
4) Mosin-Nagant 91/30

Ammo availability isn't an issue.

For me, I'd take the Lee-Enfield. 10rd capacity with a round that compares to the .308, accurate, with a butter smooth action that allows for rapid cycling almost on par with a modern semi-auto.

Second place would be the 1903a3.

I have an 8mm Mauser and love it so I'll go with that just for familiarity.

The Mauser action is fantastic and probably the strongest action ever designed... It's certainly a stronger action than the Lee-Enfield.

Didn't read. Glock 19.

Subbed, cause I don't know shit about rifles and I'm always down with learning about a new topic


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Of those I'd go with the Mauser to fight with.

Mosin so I could shoot it once and dislocate my shoulder and go deaf at the same time.

Icy Mike -

Didn't read. Glock 19.

I lol'd

I would take an Arisaka, because COD WAW.

Icy Mike -

Didn't read. Glock 19.

Short day for your eyes enemy, good luck with that.

billyball2 - Of those I'd go with the Mauser to fight with.

Any particular reason?

hassan - I would take an Arisaka, because COD WAW.
Not one of the options I listed but that's cuz it slipped my mind... Any particular reason why?

I won one and the bolt is smooth as buttah

amadeus - 
billyball2 - Of those I'd go with the Mauser to fight with.

Any particular reason?

Accuracy primarily.

Reliability and ammo next I guess.

I like the Enfield too, but you said to pick my favorite to fight with.

If I was to buy one right now just to shoot and fun with I'd go

Lee-Enfield No.4
Yugo Mauser M48
Mosin-Nagant 91/30 (I already have an M44)

Lee Enfield.

Sure the action is a bit sloppy compared to the mauser(my M98 is beautiful) but that enables it to cycle even when it's filthy and got bits of dirt/mud in it.

The positive cock on close action makes for really fast cycling.
You can send a lot of lead downrange really quickly if you want, and the 10rd magazine is a bit of a game changer compared to other rifles of it's ilk. Removable magazine is also handy, if you don't want to stripper clip load it you can just load up some spares.

They are also surprisingly accurate, more accurate than I am capable of consistently shooting at any rate. My longest on target shot with one was a kill shot on a rogue ISIS watermelon at 350m with a cheap chinese scope.

I have a Lee Enfield no1 Mk3 (issued 1917) and a no4 Mk1 (1943). I can hit a quarter coin with both from 100 yards. Amazed on the accuracy and precision from a rifle built in a hurry 100 years ago. 

Lee Enfield for superior capacity, but a 1903 is right behind it.

Depends on the type of fightng. If I could sit back and pick people off I would go with the Mosin.

If I had to get rounds off quickly the Enfield