Which hand do you wack it with?

I'm an ambidextrous jerker.

As a young man I used to always bat right handed but ever since discovering internet pornography I've been using my left to free up my dominant hand for navigation. It's turned me into a switch hitter and I'm pretty proficient with either hand; but now I think actually prefer my left, even when I'm with a chick or just using the ol' imagination. It just feels right.

I'm guessing this is a generational thing where if you've grown up with the internet you probably use your left hand unless you have a left handed mouse or something.

So, if you grew up without the internet did you use your dominant hand and make the switch when computers came around? Always right, or always left? I've heard people say switching hands is a totally different experience but it's pretty much the same for me. I can snap 'em off either side no problem. I'm basically the Mickey Mantle of jerking off.

Left. Grew up using right on mouse.

Your moms. 

IgnorantDeadline -

Left. Grew up using right on mouse.


I'm left handed. I mouse right. I jerk right. Sometimes left to get primed or for mid-stroke variety, but only Ol' Righty can finish me off.

bakobell -

Your moms. 

+1 cause she's ambidextrous



Right traditional grip or left backwards grip. Mix it up.

Right. Also right handed. Sucks because that's my power hand in standup training, the hand I plant instinctively with when I wipe out boarding, the hand I use to grab waaaay too hot shit out of the oven, etc, it gets hurt a lot, sprains and breaks and burns.

Used to only be righty until I broke my right arm.  First few lefty attempts were slow and awkward, to put it mildly, but got up to speed quickly and can now proudly have a three way with myself.

Left for jerking, right for finishing on the GF.