Which HGer was this?

 Found this in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist. F*%kn Funny:

Chubby Asian Guy in Red Car - w4m (Diamondhead)

I ran by your car as you waited at a stop sign by KCC. You are the extremely unattractive chubby asian guy in a 90s red junk car who said, "Hey baby wanna f*ck?" Then as I continued down the hill you drove by again, fingers around mouth, tongue flicking, inquisitive eyebrow up.

My answer to your question is no for the following reasons:

1. You are pathetic. I do not run to get hit on by losers like you. That line would only work on hookers, if you had money in hand, lots of it.

2. You are rude. I do not go to the gym while you are working out and shout cat calls at you. Even if I wanted to appear that despearte, you have probably never worked out a day in your life. Try it sometime

3. Women are people too! We are not to be treated as sex objects. Would you want someone to speak to your mother like that? I am sure the answer is "I don't have a mother because when she glanced my dreadful mug at birth she left me and my equally pervy father."

4. For all you know I could be half your age...sex offender.

5. You are literally the most unattractive guy I have seen in ages and in case you are delusional I will let you know that I am very out of your league.

Hope your day is full of rejections!

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I would high 5 that mysterious HGer!

that guy has NO CLASS.

obviously he should've used a british accent and said;


what a loser.

lol, you're only a creepy loser if the chick doesn't find you attractive. If she does, you can do anything you want and it will be "cute" instead.

my car is Coral Sand not Red.

So I was driving with my other friends the Wiggles in my big red car when I come up on this hottie that looked like she had a bit of a attitude and I offered her a Fruit Salad. Yummy yummy.