Which historical periods/places make you feel nostaligic even though you weren't born?

I’d say roughly 1960-1965 in California and NYC. Looser than the 50s but before a lot of the hippy shit.


I alway thought I was a princes of Egypt

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1895 in London

1930’s Paris.

Or the wild west when peeps were staking their land. I would have built me a hut, and dug for some gold over there yonder. And then I would have used it for whiskey and to screw whores.

I probably would have died young in both scenarios though.

Yeah, the Laurel Canyon scene would’ve been fun. Also Newport/Huntington beach area in the early 60’s, hanging with Dick Dale.

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First days of animation.

I wonder where in the world is the place to be now that’ll be viewed in the future as the place to have been

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Classic rock and muscle cars period.


I would love to time travel there

Ft William Henry always brought about such feelings.

I could see myself being a kind of inbreeding illiterate moonshine drinking itenerant farmer in the 1800s.

Miami, grew up there virtually playing GTA Vice City and watching Scarface.

It was weird finally going to New York at 40 and totally feeling it was familiar from seeing it so much on TV and in movies.

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Norway and Hungary call to me.

World War II, specifically being a fighter pilot. Don’t particularly care which side.