Which Instructional???

Ok, I'm in the market for a good BJJ instructional. I've been training for one year and I'm trying to decide between Mario Sperry Master Series 1, or the Pedro Carvalho series. Groundfighter.com is running a special on all three of Carvalho's instructionals, I'm just wondering if his stuff may be a little too advanced for me? Input would be appreciated, thanks.

They are all good, but for one year of training. It's better to get the Carvalho series 1 and 2 only. Sperry is also awesome. For overall, details on each game, I like Michael Jen instructionals. Or if you think you have enough mat time and need to get quick answer, but doesn't want to spend much, gue John Frankl BJJ seminar series.

I love the Jen stuff and his service is GREAT!

Carvalho's set 1 is nothing but random techniques. Sperry shows you an entire gameplan in his sets, which I find mostly worthless, since i believe ones game is totally unique to them. The only value I got out of sperry's sets was the idea of chaining techs. together. Harris's bjj201 covers that, and much more.

I recommend Roy Harris's bjj101 tape 1 and 2 and bjj201, and Micheal Jen's ultimate guard 1 and ultimate guard passing 1 for you.

shoot me an email if you want further details and special pricing on any sets from groundfighter.com.


Would you guys consider the techniques in the Pedro Carvalho series to be "outdated"? In other words, are the basic techniques still considered solid techniques, or has the evolution of techniques in Brazil made them obsolete? I am looking for an instructional series that covers all positions with good "current" basics as well as some advanced techniques.


I think the basics are still the basics. They are sort of timeless. Things like shrimping, bridging, and etc.... Pedro does not really go into these details on his 1st tape set. I think he assumes you know all of those details. Pedro's 1st tape set is divided by position. You have a series of random techniques from the guard, mount, and etc... Since Pedro, many tapes have focused on moves that flow from one to another (not random techniques) or the tapes really focus on the details and attacks of a specific technique.

I'm looking for more advanced tapes on chaining combinations together from the different positions, most of the ones I've seen have been from the guard.. anyone have any suggestions?

Is there a bjj intructional (gi) that covers every move and position from white belt to black belt?

The rodrigo medeiros set from www.islandmartialarts.com is very good. check it out!!

get pedro 1&2 three sucks it all repeat from the first 2 series with the exception of the first 4 tapes, or it was the last 4 tapes i forgot. Anyway pedros tapes are still very appliyable to any grappler. grappling is broken down into many areas now, so the only diffrence is instead of buying tapes for a complete game now tapes are being made for certain aspects like the guard, butterfly open etc.... so decide what you want to work on and buy tapes that will apply to each aspect of your game you want to develope instead of buying whole tape sets that wont fully apply to what you want to learn...