Which is better for the money?

I am buying a PC in the next week or so, and have narrowed it down to a few. One is a p4 2.4 HT, the other is an athlon xp 2800 +. Bacially, the PC with the Athlon has a dvd burner and a lot more bells and whistles, plus a 120gb HD, which is nice. I am your average college student, who likes to play command and conquer and other BS, which do you think is better suited for me? Are the Athlon's upgradable? BTW, one is an E-machine, the other is custom built, the athlon for 720, the p4 for 750, what do you guys think?

if the athlon has an nforce2 mobo utilizing dual channel ddr go for it. Performance wise they are similar so if the athlon comes with a dvd burner and a larger harddrive it's the better deal.

Unless you are planning on doing video encoding or something of that nature, I'd go with the Athlon. Actually, I'd go with the Athlon either way..lol.

Go with the Athlon

Thanks guys, i appreciate the info, i will let you guys know how it works out

Another vote for Athlon here.

I just bought a P4 2.6c and so far I have been totally unimpressed with the "Hyper Threading"

I go AMD now as well.

I'd go with whichever one ISN'T the emachine.

The benefits of hyperthreading depend on what exactly you're doing. From what I've seen, it's geared more towards MS Office operations. If you've got Access, Outlook and 6 Excel spreadsheets open, it will make a huge difference.