which is easier for a child

A friend of mine wants his son to get into wrestling or Judo. The price isn't a issue and he is happy with the instructors of both clubs. The only problem is time he can only choose one. The child likes both equally so it isn't as easy as what he likes better. His concern or might sway his decision is his son has a tendancy to give up when things are a little difficult in the beginning but is devoted once he gets use to something. My question is which do you think is easier for a child to pick up Judo or Wrestling?

I may get completely blasted for this but I would say let the child go to judo. Wrestling and judo are both difficult at first but I bet once he sees the progression (belts) it will keep his attention. plus, if he's fairly young, he can wrestle in high school and use his judo knowledge to his advantage.

"My question is which do you think is easier for a child to pick up Judo or Wrestling?"

Wrestling imho. point to other kid and tell him to get him down on the ground and pin him

One of our 5 year olds took his division with that exact same strategy this past weekend.

If he gives up easy, start him in judo...it is far less competitive...Just my opinion.

I am guessing that the majority of the people in a judo forum will say to go to judo and a majority of people in a wrestling forum will say...... yup you guessed it wrestling. I started judo at 6 and have stuck with it ever since and will til I can't step on the mat anymore. I wrestled from elementary school to high school and stopped. Both are great sports I would let the child pick.

^he makes a good point and i wont argue with him..not cause i dont want to but moreso because he is friggen huge..

Not nearly as huge as your internet persona Quincy.

Train Judo!

Im not a player, i just crush alot:)

If the kid is one who needs external motivation, put him in judo. He can earn belts that way, in addition to the tournament results. Wrestling, especially if your kid isn't that good at first, will just make him unmotivated, since all he's gonna get is an asswhoopin. At least in judo, he can wear a cool costume, get some cool belts, and maybe even win some matches too.

Thanks for the info. I thought Judo because the belts and a little less competetive you don't have to compete if you don't want to. I also thought Wrestling would be easier because as said above take him down and pin him. I could be wrong most wrestling clubs wrestle every week this could be ruff on a child if he doesn't start winning right away.

judo translates better to wrestling later than than wrestling does to judo later on. this is only because in the USA we do this "folk" style wrestling. if it was freestyle or greco that would be different.