Which is worse?

Wet socks?

Or forgetting your phone when you go to the bathroom to take a shit? Phone Post 3.0

Forgetting your phone when you go take a shit so to occupy your time you dunk your socks in the toilet then you have wet socks and you took a boring shit is the worstest of all.

It depends on how hot your feet are.

depends on why i have wet socks


if it's cause i was 'with' Eliza Dushku and she is a squirter and forgot to take off my socks...then the phone thing for sure


if it's cause my toilet is over flowing all over the bathroom and my socks get wet from the over flow of dirty toilet water... then the socks thing for sure


Wet phone and shit filled socks.

"OP's threads" should be an option

J/k. Love ya NC. No homo

Ok, a little homo Phone Post 3.0

Whenever I forget my phone in the bathroom, I dip my feet in the toilet to remind myself it could always be worse.

Phone all the way Phone Post 3.0

Forgetting the phone is worse, with wet socks you get the nice feeling of taking them off. Phone Post 3.0

Wet socks by far. Phone Post 3.0

Wet socks. I'll just stand up mid shit to go get my phone Phone Post 3.0