Which Law Schools can I get into?

I was set to graduate in the fall with a Degree in History after only 3 1/2 years in college and will have made the Dean's honor list 6 out of 7 semesters. I come from a single parent home that is borderline poverty. I have gotten my way through school due to Scholarships and Loans. I am Half/Asian. I've been a member of the mock trial team and the school newspaper. Before this past summer my GPA was a 3.35. This after I had failed a college course during my senior year in high school. Unfortunatly I've been working in a night club as a bouncer to support myself through school; and this summer the late hours caught up with me and I failed my logic class twice. The failing grades dropped my GPA to a 3.129.
I was on track to graduate with honors with around a 3.5. but there is nothing that can be done about that now.

I calculate that if I make the dean's list this next semester it should pull me to a 3.2

I take the LSAT in December. If Iam able to pull of a 160+ score what Law schools do I have a legit shot at getting into? I've looked at the avgs for some law schools but want to know realistic what my options are.

The schools I was looking at before things went to hell were:

Miami College of Law Florida State UNC- Chapell Hill Syracuse

any advice would be greatly apperciated.

Depends what else you have done outside of class and if you can pull a 160. I would say you should take your LSAT asap so you could maybe take them twice if you need to improve your scores. I have a friend who took his LSAT today actually who has a 3.85 and is like unsure if he will get into any top 25 school regardless of his scores. Chances are you could get maybe somewhere top 100 but with just over a 3.1 your going to have thousands and thousands of people ahead of you sadly enough.

score high enough on the LSAT and your gpa is fine, but 160 won't cut it if you want a top-tier school

lsac.org has a list of law schools, and shows the LSAT and GPA of the 25th and 75th percentile admits. You can check yourself against those scores to see where you have a good chance of beind admitted.