which member has the most posts?

Which member of this forum has the most posts?

bobsappfan has like 3 times as many as anybody else and he's only been here for 1 1/2 years...LOL

Bobsappfan, yeah, I did notice he had over 10 thousand posts, damn, how often did he post?

Wrong. Try Jinx.

BSF has over 30,000 posts

Damn, he DOES. I thought he was at like 20,000...

That's crazy.

BSF actually has over 35,000 posts.He was banned for awhile so his post count has suffered a bit.

At least 15000 of my posts were made while I was unemployed :P

bobsappfan is the personification of a keyboard warrior

Every once in a while he comes out from behind his computer to get choked out by Erik Apple or get verbally bitch-slapped by TheRealJoker :)

Floppy Divac actually hAS MORE POSTS THAN bsf

not i

Floppy is the king.

BSF is queen...


I am the Court Jester, or fool as my wife would call it.

"jobless freaks"

oh sheesh..................

*drives to WalMart to apply for "greeter" job* 

my heroes!

That's a lot of posts.

yeah but 98% of them would have been "ttt" or "lol"

or the infamous next post.