Which MMA fighter would make the best Bond villai?

I nominate Tony Ferguson. He is scary, crazy, bad ass, wears sunglasses indoors, and can dodge laser beams. Just think of him playing Bardem’s role in “Skyfall.”  The rat story coming out of Ferg’s mouth would be just as frightening. Who would you pick?

Big foot easily 

darkiemontana -

Big foot easily 


Looks a little like Bigfoot 

Back hair Orlovski.

Rory would’ve been good

First response

SeaChickenGotHisFudgePacked - Rory would've been good

Came for this


Haha Ranier, well played.

Chael, for the banter, or Wanderlei Silva pre surgery.

MMA Playwright -

Lol, Ghandi after main lining meth

ranier wolfcastle -

That’s the rapist, Joe Son really was a villain.



Bisbing would be a good addition

Ferg loooks like a henchmen who would blitz into a room and get head shooter by bond. There isn't anything scary looking about him. He's a wierd looking dude. Doesn't look intelligent or villlianous. 

Bisping yea with Bigfoot as his main guard 

Romero’s interpreter 

The Polish Expirament

Krzysztof Soszynski