Which of you fu…

Which of you fu… you can’t tell me that this dude isn’t og’ing right now

US citizen on the run after killing multiple prostitutes after sex in Mexico, officials say

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I’ll have you know I have an alibi that could be considered plausible.


His rating system is deadly

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We’re not sending our best

That I can tell you

Believe me

Believe me


You know the world is topsy turvy when you’re better off hiding out in California than Mexico after committing major felonies.


Were the prostitutes fat? Where’s floppy divac at?

If they were transsexuals, I’d start looking at Spjackson77.


I spoke to my mom and she explicitly denies you were with her. Probably because my dad was standing there but still denial means death to you bro!

Sounds like homeslice upped his money saving techniques to the next level

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That’s bullshit. Make her take a polygraph.

My mother would never lie to me. EVER. Unless it was about di….awe fuck

Couldn’t have been an OGer. The prostitutes were women.

On an unrelated note, I’m gonna be taking a break from the og for a while …

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We would never snitch on you bro

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