Which of you REGRET his choice to DIVORCE?

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I was married 21 years and got married in my teens. 3 kids and wife cheated on me. I was devastated and thought myself and my life a complete failure. Was hoping to get hit by a truck and thought my life was over. It was as bad as I could have ever imagined but my youngest wanted to live with me so I fought an 18 month long extremely expensive custody battle and buried my ex in court.

Having said all that, I’m so glad now that I didn’t wait another day to file for divorce. There was no fixing my marriage or her so I would have been wasting valuable time of my life trying to fix it. She still hasn’t changed and is now a complete mess and her life is all fucked up because of her bad choices. Im remarried to a wonderful gal who enjoys the same stuff as me and loves to shag.

My divorce was terrible but was one of the very best decisions I have made in my life. All you guys out there who are going through it or about to, don’t give up on yourself because some crazy bitch completely changed and (you think) fucked your life up. You’re stronger than you can possibly imagine and YOU WILL come out the other side and be very happy again and kicking yourself for getting so down. I look back and shake my head from time to time at how weak I was and why I got so low. Remember that half of this country gets divorced, all the cool kids are doing it now!


Awesome question. A thread in itself, I’d love to know what everyone has to say on this.

Nope. Just took me a lot of years to accept that I’m worth investing in.

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Divorce is scary and sucks every bit of ass you expect it too but the end is worth it completely.


Mine had a big personality change post kid as well. It was like she was a different person and the person I knew never returned. It was like something broke in her brain after having a kid.

It’s not like we rushed into anything or I didn’t know her well. We were together 10 years when we had the kid.

I think it’s fairly rare, but it definitely happens, where your wife pre-kid and post kid are very different and not for the better. There was another woman where I used to work who was a complete loon, talking to herself all day, saying crazy shit, and generally just seeming like a psycho most of the time. Other women in the office said she used to be normal, but had some type of mental breakdown after her second kid and was never the same.

Pick very carefully boys. And even if you do, you might get a surprise after your wife pops a kid out.


A lot of women have a big personality change in their 40s or 50s. I’m not sure if it’s mostly because they’ve lost their looks and that with that their place in the world changes drastically, or if it’s more due to hormonal changes with menopause, or both, but they often become insufferable bitches.


They lost their looks so now they get treated like everyone else. Spoiled kids can’t handle hardship


Women in their 40’s remind me of teenage boys, horny but not sure how to go about getting it.

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Sounds like something a woman would do

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Then why did you get married?

How long have you two been married?

What most men don’t understand that marriage is a partnership. They tend to be superficial and overlook the attributes that would make a female a good “partner”.


no man should regret divorce. remember this… women are for sex. a man can get everything else he needs in a variety of ways and places. If you’re a divorced man you have to own it and move on. If you’re single then never marry. It’s not needed at this point in human evolution. If you have a fair amount of assets don’t marry without a prenup in place with a clearly outlined exit for all parties. Judges have been know to break them if they’re vague. Get your shit right and love them when you’re dick is hard only.

I feel like you have a poor attitude toward women.


No regerts here. Lessons learned.

Sure the cunt gets half of my pay for another couple years, and that eats at my soul, but you can’t put a price on piece of mind and freedom. I hate seeing men fall into the mother/son type dynamic where they are asking permission and ruled over.

I don’t think its possible to focus on yourself to reach your full potential while being married and having to give so much to another person, which is how it should be if you are doing it right.

It’s a trade off I was no longer willing to accept.

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LOL. That one is a classic!

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100% this.

reading that just inspired in me a thought…life will humble people in one way or other and why we should practice compassion instead of judgment when we observe some “failure”(misfortune) in others because the odds are that one day sooner or later, your check’s going to show up in the mail!


INteresting thread

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Learn from others’ mistakes boys

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