Which OGer looks most like Jared Fogle?

@holly9000 , need is a badass and the godfather of florida swamp folk! No way he looks like fogle!

Oh yeah? Let’s get him to post a pic and we’ll put up a poll. If more than 50% of the votes say he doesn’t look like Fogel I’ll buy you a case of any domestic beer of your choice-how’s that sound?

Redneck GIF by memecandy

Deal @holly9000 but I’m not a drinker. So you can send the case of Zima to my old pal @MojoSoDope . He loves that shit!

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I look like Jim Duggan and Jared’s prison love child!

Tough Guy!

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He just borrowed those from a ‘friend’

Well damn… dave fu is one fine piece of ass! I never would have guessed!

But I do see a little Fogle in there! :joy: