Which OGers did we lose in the transition?

Welcome back, I guess?

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@Revenants , you a asshole lmao

@NiteProwleR , I missed you so much! Dont you ever scare me like that again!

Jeebus…I hate this new format.

that silly faggot ninja posted since the port?

Stop your bellyaching.

You get use to it quickly and then it’s much better than the old broken version.


It really is. I’ve never used discourse before and its layout is unique enough that the entire experience of coming here feels fresh. I’m having fun just farting around with the different tools. I’m sure that will subside soon enough but it’s a neat reprieve from my usual online routine.

It should be a big improvement if traffic returns to near normal.

I’m 50 and don’t have any issues with it.

I was really prepared to bail on this place the way people were complaining about it before the switch.

I don’t mind the new forum. I like how I can click on a thread and it puts me in the spot that I last viewed. It’s awesome on the threads that get a lot of posts.


Relax everyone, Im still here you phat cawks.

Why is my pee green??

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Maybe all the Jagerbombs?

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Youre so hot, thats exactly why!

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Anyone seen Khun Kao? I always liked that guy’s posts. Haven’t seen him since the change

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Romo Detector

@ShanTheMan ShanMan just give it a chance here

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What theme are you using?

I was hoping for a Kevin Barbers Easter resurrection.

I assume the standard one.

But let’s be clear.

I hate it because it’s new and I liked the old style frames.


Gotta change it my dude.

I think most are on moonclaw, ghost or alien night.

They can be found in the top right icon, preferences-account-interface.

I’m aware much of that seems like jibberish, but the standard interface is brutal.


Zned, saku, Sami, where are yous?