Which OGers did we lose in the transition?

The new forum feels awkward, but it is new, and I wouldn’t abandon this place.

I haven’t been posting because last week was f’n brutal at work and my in-laws are here visiting.

I heard Gritty had some meltdown when a woman from NJ ordered 30 pizzas to a rental house, and Gritty had to explain why his business wasn’t scalable. She said his pizza probably sucked and she would dkno, she is from NJ and he ran off. He was last seen stuffing donuts into his mouth while sobbing on a bench in an undisclosed Maine park turned homeless encampment.

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No wonder. Nobody’s using the vanilla version.

I’m using UG Theme because it’s the only one that shows the thread creator.

sak’s here.

Good god, don’t say his name or he’ll appear like Beetlejuice

I miss my man Shan.
Now me & RayRay are the only OJTTers left.

Al Cappuccino?

No, he’s here posting infrequently about how much he hates the new forum lol. Last post was a week ago or so.

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ShanTheMan has been posting in the Pro Wrestling Ground as of a few days ago.