Which olympic combat sport best for MMA?

Watching the combat sports in the olympics, which sports' athletes have the best potential for MMA?

Judo- probably the best potential for MMA, since they know throws, submissions and chokes. They need to learn striking and wrestling.
Wrestling- They need to learn submissions, punching and kicking.
Boxing- they need to learn kicking, wrestling and submissions.
Tae kwon do- They need to learn wrestling and submissions.

What's your opinion?

Tae Kwon do sucks major cock as far as a smooth transfer to MMA. Have you seen where they hold their hands? Punching prowess is likely to be non-existent! Phone Post

Hand ball

Serious wrestling.

Not serious fencing Phone Post

It's not as much as what they have to learn as what they have to unlearn. Phone Post

Greco. Phone Post

Equestrian Dressage rules! Phone Post

Judo or wrestling (hard to pick between these two)



Greco Phone Post