which one of you fuggers posting on erbb?

about faixa.

yeah im bored

whats erbb?

Errb Dean? Phone Post 3.0

erbbal remedies?

some guy mentioned where is faixa rua on another message board

I got all crazy and went into faixa mode, i thought i met another oger

turns out there was a copycat over there and everyone knew faixa from the copycat who is not active anymore over there

Check for Hawaiian Lion

MOB U2 - That sucks FR was great and original!

Don't you hate that shit? I quit my usual type of perverted joking b/c i've had 'friends' steal my style of joking to hit on chicks, and make them popular on social media. Recently, I've switched to intellectual type joking, and b/c they are stupid, they cannot steal my style of humor.

On the flipside of doing anything remotely similar, sometimes I find myself subconsciously saying JimmyNaks things, and when I remember I always to try to give a shout out to Jimmy. Even my friends know when it's a JimmyNaks saying (since I try to properly attribute it, like a quote from the Bible), even though they've never met him.
My body is ready for you. Phone Post 3.0

lol @ Hawaiian Lion