Which organization has the Match Makers??

My question is what organization puts on the best matches together or fight cards. I know a lot of UG'ers are never impressed with the UFC cards most of the time. Who than assembles the best fighters to square off, or puts the best star studded cards in their events??



Rumbler - ^LOL...Sarcasm?


Takahiro Kokuho was doing an outstanding job booking great fights across 7 different weight classes... then he got shitcanned because of the Sengoku/Yoshida Dojo break-up.

I've always loved Pride match ups. Even though they were infamous for putting fights together last minute, they were solid match ups and it usually ended up with someone KTFO.

Vanderlei vs...


Big Nog vs...


^^^what org besides Pride has EVER showcased their top fighters vs. the level of exciting/dangerous opponents like that?

And that was just 2 examples.

^^^Agreed. Open weight class matches, tournament-style matches, special rules matches. Makes fights more exciting and their productions were legendary. And I've always been a big fan of the freak show matches.