Which Pride GP was the Best?

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My pick is 2003. It had been 3 years so the title was very prestigious, and when Wand won, there was no question. At that time he was the best fighter in the world and noone had accomplished what he had in mma up to that point.



Damn, I really really miss Pride :(

Great HL.

all of them have significant importance to them.

^thats definitely true

I liked the middleweight tourney that Shogun won.

bushido 9 definitely had the most exciting fights.

there was just something about wanderlei @ the 2003 gp that was just too convincing

Bushido 9 was amazing, just amazing. The 2003 and 2005 MW tourneys were both amazing as well.


final conflict was not nearly the greatest but thats just my opinion. I just felt like how could you have an absolute tournament without Fedor in it.

Also it wasnt much of an absolute tourny, more of a HW gp with minowa in the first round imo

"The '03 gp was great, but had nowhere near the drama of '05"

I disagree. 03 we see WAnd destroy sak. Yoshida in a war with wand. Rampage dominates chuck. Wanderlei becomes the best 205er on the earth.

bushido LW

2003 MW GP. For general fans.

BUSHIDO GP. For hardcore fans.

Damn EY is that supposed to be a rip lol

hahaha not a rip. I mean the bigger guys have more general appeal. I like them too.

Bushido GP is more hardcore and had deeper competition and more high intensity fights, but somehow smaller guys are less exciting for general fans. That's was my whole point.

I love both events nearly equally.

I think bushido 9 was the best single event ever. I just feel like the 2003 title was more prestigious.

Bushido 9.