which promotion will you be watching tomorrow

Bellator is definitely giving me more for my money.

What say you UG?

Hopefully all three. Bellator is the most appealing IMO Phone Post 3.0

I will watch Bellator & WSOF on split-screen, switching back & forth.

I will not pay for UFC 180..too thin & more debuts than any other UFC card. I'll watch the UFC fights later online.

Bellator and UFC, couldn't give a shit about WSOF honestly with those 2 going on Phone Post 3.0

Recording them all. But Bellator first. I don't miss a freaking MANHOEF fight Phone Post 3.0

Gonna watch UFC first then Bellator then WSOF. Phone Post 3.0

I'm attending Cage Warriors 74 Phone Post 3.0

All of them will have some good fights. Bellator is the most stacked.

Ojos Locos in San Antonio is having the UFC & Bellator fight on at the same time so...BOTH!

Will be switching back and forth between all 3. Should be a fun night of fights. Phone Post 3.0

UFC, then Bellator since it's on a tape delay on the west coast. DVRing WSOF.

Mr_Honky - Gonna watch UFC first then Bellator then WSOF. Phone Post 3.0
This unless I can get bww to put bellator on along with ufc and the blues hockey gane. Phone Post 3.0

All 3.

If Shogun in Baltimore had any cheapies for a reasonable price Id take in 4 events in one day. Phone Post 3.0