Which QB drafted in the 1st round of this year's NFL Draft most likely to bust?

You’ve never asked me about the fantasy until tonight and yet you’re acting like we’ve had years of back and forth. We haven’t. I’ve seen your fantasy stuff and seen you get clowned. I honestly don’t follow that shit.

Every time means once in your twisted brain? One time lol bc that’s not my thing.

You are losing your troll script. I said I offered you multiple times to bet and you decline. You said that was a lie.

Bet offers

  1. Fantasy ranking bet
  2. Pick Predictor bet

Both were declined. You turned tail but say my opinions are shit. I find it funny you go to my fantasy thread and field my opinions are shit but you dont play yourself. You are scared to take a bet against the opinions you disagree with.

The thing is I don’t care what your opinion is. Mine should not matter to you either. I didnt quote you with my question about Wilson > Lawrence in terms of ceiling.

Haha if someone differs in opinion with you it’s bet or bust. I should’ve just taken a G from you that night with just fields. I felt sorry for you. 2nd overall… lmao

Lol you totally lost the script. Dude work on your troll game. You cant even remember the opinion you disagreed with hahaha

Oh my bad. I was trolling. He’s at 3. You lost badly on the only point I made that night. Clown shoes can’t take being wrong.


Tell this clown what you meant. He can’t deal with differing opinions so be careful.

Yet you were too scared to take a $25 bet

Jimmy Fallon Ok GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The $25 was for the draft not just fields but keep on if it makes you feel comfortable.

It was literally for the draft. The link was posted. Others took the link/bet but you dick tucked lol

You are one of the biggest idiots on this forum.

“On you disagree where Fields will go?! Bet me! Bet me NOW or you are a dick tucker! Not on fields on the DRAFT!”

That was you to a tee. You’re special. I get it. Live in that fantasy world. A world where your opinion on what’s happening is all that matters.

I’ll be in the college football thread next year if you want to make a real bet. You’ll probably show up and want Bama every game and say I tucked when I didn’t accept lmao. Don’t bring that $25 dollar bs in there IF you decide to join us.

Well that’s just a bad impression.

Fields will not be a good pro.

I don’t think so, I think Justin Fields will be fine.

I classify him as a Georgia QB in order to give him a chance in the NFL.

I predict Zack Wilson will fail with the Jets, Garoppolo will win a Superbowl so the Niners trade Trey Lance to the Jets where he immediately tanks and Garoppolo gets a career ending injury and the Niners are in this same position drafting a QB in three years.

Georgia was too racist for Justin