which school did maynard dropin to

apparently only the bjj forums they mentioned that maynard from tool dropped into a school in australia and was injured. not too sure when it was, or what state, anyone got any stories?

That is very cool.

No idea, but his security has trained with us on several occaisions when maynard's been over.  Would be interesting to know where Maynard trained. I've met him backstage after one of his concerts.


I met him and his head of security Todd Fox at axisjj in Tokyo. They ended up inviting me to their show the next night and I got to go back stage:) They were cool guys and it was a good night out.

Cool... Todd is the guy who trains with us. Did you tell him you train with us in Australia?


He was training in my shed.

Yeah... I said I was Aussie, and the first thing he said was "Do you know Elvis and Anthony?" :)

Well we are Australia the world over... :-)

He trained at the John Will school in the 90's. I believe Big Dave got a free ticket out of it.

Maynard is one of the x-men.

LovetoChoke is correct.

This was from when we met in Tokyo last month.

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He was injured at the time so didn't roll with anyone.

They toured in January with the Big Day Out and did some side shows. I saw their Sydney Ent Cent show. Wish he had of dropped into our gym.

BigD: Whats he like in person. Does he act alouf, or pretty friendly guy ?

He was just a polite friendly dude. I'd been chatting with him for like 15 mins before I realised who he was. Just talking about where he'd trained, training experiences, how he got injured and so on.

When I ended up seeing him on stage the next night it was kinda weird. Cos he was doing his crazy Tool stuff on stage... So it was kinda weird thinking back to how normal he was to talk to. And then again after the show he was just normal and friendly again.

That's awesome BigD. How tall is he?

If he's 6'3" then i'm 7 foot! I'm 6'5" so I guess he's like 5'10" or something. He was a pretty small dude.

You look like you have nearly a foot on him man.

no way he's 6'3"

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