Which school would you choose?

School #1: AMC in Kirkland, WA (www.pankration.com). They'll train me in boxing, kickboxing (Muay Thai), and "submission wrestling". The wrestling classes, and I think the other classes, are taught by Matt Hume, who is apparently someone well-known in the fighting world. Cost: $115/mo if you pay by the month, down to as little as $67/mo if you pay for a whole year.

School #2: RSU in Bellevue, WA (www.ringsportsunited.com/rsu). They'll train me in boxing, kickboxing (Muai Thai-based, sort of watered down, I think), and BJJ/Vale Tudo. The kickboxing is taught by Kim Messer, who is apparently a world champ at Anorexic Flyweight or whatever it's called. (I've watched her, and have no doubt she could send me home in a shoebox, even though she's only like 5'2" and 115 pounds.) Her husband Mark teaches the boxing. The BJJ and vale tudo are taught by Eric Dahlberg, a BJJ-based fighter who trained under Marcelo Alonso in Tacoma. Cost: $95/mo to go monthly, $75/mo if you sign up for a year.

My situation: I'm an absolute beginner, trained for a year in judo (about six months' worth, really) and that's it. Have been looking to do this for two years; I think my work situation is finally going to let me start within the next thirty days.

The cost of these two schools seems to be pretty much identical, so that's not an issue. One of these places is significantly more convenient for me (close to work), so that's probably where I'll train. But I'm curious to know which of these the TUF folks would choose, for yourself and also if you were in my position. I might change my mind if your reason is good enough.

Do any of them have a team of fighters?

I'd go with school#1.

#2 sounds like a big #2.It seems like there just a McDojo in disguise,Whats the rank of the BJJ teacher its gotta be a purple and up too make it worth while.

ernd, I'm a rank beginner, but I don't think #2 is a mcdojo. They seem very legit. Eric is a brown belt under Marcelo Alonso. (If Marcelo had a school in the area rather than 90 minutes away, my decision would be made.) I've taken classes in both places, and both were good experiences. I'd be happy to train at either place.

For now, my decision is based on the fact that one school is only two miles from where I work. The other isn't much farther, maybe six or eight miles, so I'd certainly drive the extra distance if I was convinced it was a better place to train.

They both sound like really good schools. I would go with #1. Matt Hume has put out some world class fighters. I beleive Josh Barnett came from Hume, and probably still trains with him.

i would sign up for either 6 months or a year at AMC

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The question is "What are your goals?"
For me who desires training for pro nhb fights ,and even if I only
wanted legit, hard training, I would go with Matt Hume.
You said you think matt is 'somebody'. Teah--He is a fukkin pimp.

To train at a high level, you train with Matt. Maurice Smith trains Bob
Sapp there when they are at home. Same with Ivan Salaverry...many
tough fuckin guys.
It may be more work than you want, but its probably one of the top 6
true fight gyms in the country.

AMC, no doubt.

Hume is one of the most amazing ground fighters in the usa.

If I had the choice to go to one school in the US it would be AMC

I'd defineitely go with AMC for Matt Hume alone. Even if you don't want to make a profession out of it, why not train with the best and be as good as you could be? Both sound like fine academies and I'm sure you'd enjoy both, but the Hume factor gets my vote.

Oh yeah, and sign up for the year and stick to it. It'll take that long to get kinda good. A year will pass whether you're training or not. Wait until you see the results after a year of MMA training and you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't start earlier. Better late than never I always say. Good luck and enjoy the ride.


Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't expecting it to be so one-sided! AMC must really be something special. RSU actually has a slightly larger, nicer facility, but the AMC place is always packed.

I'd choose AMC too.

I can't believe people don't know who Hume is.

Hume beat Miletich and Paulson in mma.He also beat John Lewis in adcc and tapped out Kenny Monday in Contenders

he trained the following

Dennis Halman who holds two wins over Matt Hume

Former UFC Heavy Weight Champion Josh Barnett

Lance Gibson

Mo Smith(early in Mo's career)

and many others

AMC is the Team Quest of Washington.

I think you convinced me. I stopped by going home from work tonight and caught Matt as he was leaving. Talked with him for a while. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Hope to start there within a month.



I forgot about this until i was working last night but I believe Hume actually trained Messer at one point

You'de be hard pressed to find a better instructor than Matt Hume (no disrespct intended toward the other school).