Which songs are good to train to??


I am looking for good fast paced songs to train to. Please list the songs you like to roll to. I am into all types of music. Thanks

" A night in Tunisia": Dizzy Gillespie

Pretty much anything from John Coltrane.

Everybody says Jazz and BJJ don't mix. I disagree.

Now if I could only have a glass of wine while I'm rolling...

We train to Godsmack, Pantera, Romstien (sp)
Tool, and Godsmack..........oh yeah, and sometimes Godsmack.

Romstien = Rammstein?

For hip-hop lately I've been feeling Bone Thugz N Harmony's "Show Em," "The Righteous Ones" and "Souljahs Marching" from Ressurection along with the gansta stuff from Cypress Hill like "No rest for the Wicked."

My favorite hard rock CD is a compilation of Rage Against the Machine tracks that I made from Evil Empire, The Battle of Los Angeles and from their self titled album.

Since you say that you listen to everything, you might also want to check out some of the more fast paced trance/techno stuff that is out there by Paul Van Dyk, Gabriel and Dresden, Angel City, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Darren Tate or Delerium who are among some the best known in this style.

Both Kill Bill soundtracks are quite good, plus they already conjure up a Pavlovian association with hip, stylish violence.

The recent album "Let go" by Nada Surf(yes, they of that shitty "Popular" song), is surprisingly good.

There was a recent punk compilation of TV theme song covers, whose name I can't remember. Hey hey hey! It's Faaaat Albert!

Steve Earle's latest album, "The Revolution Starts Here", is perhaps the only nouveau-hippie country album of the year. At least the only good one. Standout track = "F the CC".

In rap, check out "The Projects" by Handsome boy modeling school. Highlight: Rapping from the perspective of a proudly shiftless, belligerent ghetto dweller, Del concludes by defiantly asserting, "I ain't even gonna finish this song, it's too long / I'm 'a sit and watch Cops in my La-Z-Boy in my thong."

Also anything from "The Lost Freestyle Files" by legendary battle rapper Supernatural, especially his battles with Craig G or Juice.

Anything by Jill Sobule is guaranteed to be a sensitive, instrospective look at her two favorite subjects: poor mental health and being afraid of Nazis.

If you only want something with some gruff guy shouting some stupid shit, I think that "Let the bodies hit the floor" one is good.

When I do Muay Thai drills, the only thing I have on lately is Unearth. When I roll around with my friends at the home dojo it's usually grinding metal or hardcore.

For jiu-jitsu - Bowie.

We do all kinds of stuff....
For sparring I like lots of Soul...Otis etc and faster punk/old hardcore. Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, Jawbreaker, Pogues, The clash etc. Can't do wrong with that stuff.
For drills etc we rock all kinds of stuff, lots of Reggae..Toots, Burning Spear, Culture etc...
Hip hop and Jazz work as well.

Slayer(insert secret devil sign)

Hatebreed, Biohazard, Slayer, Clutch, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, Chimaira, Machine Head, Hed(PE)

Eina Kleina Knaght music from Mozart

Kodo works pretty well for me but anything percussion based seems to do the trick.

My old training partner used to put on a Steve Miller CD when we trained. I never gave them much thought but now I really like the music.

I like to roll to anything with speed and beat to it. Ministry or some dance music.

Bob Marley's "Legend" CD. Great for guard work.

flight of the bumble bee!!! LOL!

Believe it or not I practice to whatever I feel like listening to at the moment.

So that ranges from:

R.Kelly to Johnny Cash to Sam Cooke to James Brown to Soul for Real to Public Enemy.

I've found the type of music really doesn't matter it really depends more so on my state of mind and how into the practice I am at the moment.

Training montage from Rocky IV

Lets get physical by Olivia Newton John. Take off your gi and put on your head band and leg warmers and just feel the flow.

Johnny cash to greatful dead
Followed by slayer right into bob marley right at 4:19
follewed by drool and a sloppy guard pass