Which speakers should I get?

For my gaming comp I was looking for which speakers would best suit me. I don't know whether to get a 2 piece or a surround sound speaker set. Also not sure which speaker company is t he best right now, creative? Altec? Any reccommendations? I would prefer something around 100 dollars.

altec is always gud

the SB I-trigue speakers sound beautiful

If you can find the klipsch for $125 you'll have a great 2.1 system.

4.1's or 5.1's at that price I'm not so sure about, but you should be able to find something pretty good. Ask on the sound forum at sharkyextreme.com.

I just picked up the Klipsch Pro Media Ultras ... for $400 =D LOVE 'EM though!!

If you have a sound card that supports surround sound, go for it.

I always hear great things about Klipsch. I recommend you going to the Ars Technica audio/video forum if you want to do more research though.

you can get a great deal on a refurb from klipsch.com.

The Klipsch Promedia's are great,
The Logitech Z560 and 680 are great,
The Creative/Cambridge Megaworks are great (but overpriced).
There are some brand new kickass 2.1 Altec's as well, with dual mids and separate tweeter in each satellite. Kind of a bastard D'Appolito config but it seems to work well.

Any time you can afford it don't bother with satellites that are not 2-way (the Logitechs being the exception).

Also if you're looking to upgrade your existing PC speakers which usually (e.g. altec) use a cheap ass speaker with a fabric surround, you can get the same top end drivers that Logitech, Klipsch, and others use in their high end stuff from partsexpress.com. Look for drivers under 4". Less distortion under power and smoother response.

Tang Band makes the drivers used in all of Logitech's stuff so if you want that cool silver phase cone look, just buy some drivers and drop them into your existing satellites. (they are all 8 ohm though). Audax drivers are used by a couple of the european co's as well.

Peixes - yeah that set is the big brother to the ATP3's, they make a newer model which is the same but in different plastic.

I liked them but the mids are always sorta absent since the midrange fires downward instead of towards the listener.

For 2.1's the Altec 621's and .. there 's one other set that's midrange in the Creative line, that's also 2-way in the satellites, that are great bargains.

Surround is ok, but remember you have to have someplace to put the rear satellites, either ceiling mount or satellite stands.

A great bargain esp if you live in an apartment/duplex/condo where you cant crank the sound anyway, is the Logitech 640's (5.1 set) for surround.

I'm actually going to hijack a 640 set with 5 different satellites from stock, two large 2-way Polk multimedia satellites that came from some obscure HP/Polk expensive audio option from way back that I found (about a foot tall, I replaced stock drivers with an Audax fabric tweeter & Logitech/Tang Band 3" midrange along with polyfill) with a 2-way 3000hz 12db crossover in each. I also will be using the satellites from a Z-560 set that I found in a dumpster for the rear sats and center channel, and mounting the controls from the stock Z-640 center in a separate plastic case.

Craziness. It's all 8ohm luckily so everything works, the 640 amp doesnt have the juice to push the sats to the limit but that doesnt matter since I cant push volume past 50% of max anyway without one of my neighbors bitching. That's why I embarked on this crazy project instead of paying big bucks for a Klipsch, most of the crap I already have lying around.

Oh and BTW if anyone has a 9 15/16" or 10" square plate subwoofer amp they want to put to use, I can sell you the THX-certified subwoofer from a Z-560 minus the plate amp (8", 35hz nominal, MDF throughout) for $40 shipped. This is the case and driver and I will throw in some polyfill. You supply the plate amp. You can use this beast for your home theater setup easily since it is designed for 8ohms and is equal or better than most 8" home consumer subs you'll find at retail. Amp was removed due to failure. Driver is fine.

More random rantings: the Z-560's you can find for a bargain these days but I advise against them. The amps are shit. Why? Well when the system works it is beautiful. However if you read the newsgroups and sites, Logitech had issues with a lot of the 560 amps failing and blowing fuses. Replacing the fuse wouldnt fix the problem. Others just died. V2 of the 560 amp had the fuse access on the outside of the plate (no idea why it wasnt to begin with) instead of hardwired inside the sub box, but they still had a lot of 560 amps going bad. The 600-series and newer seem to have less issues.

Klipsch's have a mild hiss/buzz.. basically none are perfect.

Around $100, if you want a 2.1 set, you cant beat the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's (get the refurbs from Klipsch.com). You can spend a little less and get the Altec 621s at a bargain but still sound great (not as good as Klipsch).

Best surround deal under $100 is probably the Logitech Z-640's. I've never been impressed with the Creative/Cambridge surround stuff under $200, even then Cambridge cheaps out with cheapskate drivers and tweets even on the Megaworks... I have to admit though that if you want to spend $400 and up, the Megaworks can be every bit as good as the Klipschs and have a better digital interface.

Most people cant spend that much though so $100 and under is a good market to look in... doesnt do much good for most folks to have 300+ watts when you want be able to use more than a fraction of it anyway in an apartment etc.

I've got a deal for you:


1. $59 - Logitech Z-640's at Sam's Club

2. OR Durabrand HT-395 100w Dolby Digital 5.1 speakers for $69 from Walmart.

The Durabrand's are a "home" system but the receiver/amp is tiny, like 10" x 14" x 2". I just stack my LCD monitor on top of it. If you have some space to put this receiver then it's worth it. It takes coax and optical inputs (for digital.... analog RCA inputs are also supported) and has onboard Dolby Digital decoding. There is a small sub and 4 satellite's with 2" drivers (like the Logitech's). The sound wont rattle the rafters like the Z-680's or Klipsch's but for 90% of people there's plenty of usable volume.

Better yet it drives the sats at 8ohms so if you have existing good satellites you can hook them up instead.