Which spyware protection you like?

which spyware protection/remover do you recommend?

Ad-Aware any good?

or how about Spy Sweeper?


i use ad-aware doesn't get everything tho least its free

I use Ewido, AdAware, Spybot and the free one from TrendMicro's website.

anyone use spysweeper?


should i buy this one?

Ad-Aware and Spybot. Both do a pretty good job.

Ya I guess you could buy an apple... but you know like every game we talk about here? You wouldn't be able to play them.

adaware, spybot, and spyware blaster, all 3 good & free, should be plenty.

ewido catches trojans that the rest seem to miss. It works well in conjunction with other programs.

hijack this is good at helping you clean your computor but isn't a spyware sweeper.