Which Table Would You Sit At?


4. Interracial mff. 

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6 if we could toss Tista, then 2 if we could toss Boss Time, but if we have to keep everyone, 9.

Definitely not table 1, I could not be trusted around Zelina Vega 

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1. And just leave Vega and Seth out because I got nothing to say to then.


Only person id care to talk to is austin or asuka and i dont speak japanese


7. Lita can go grab us drinks. I will fight Braun for a chance at that little midget.

A Strowman, Michaels, Austin table would be awesome.

7! Cant go wrong with Lita and Alexa! Would probably. ignore Braun all together.

7 - Braun looks fun to shoot the shit with. I'd seem like a funny dude doing so, meanwhile getting Alexa and Lita drunk. My goal would be to take one or both of them down, assuming Braun would let me. I'd probably have to roofie him.



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  1. While Batista might be insufferable, I’m going to do everything I can to fuck Asuka.
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Looks like 7 is the most popular so far. 

I’ll take table 5. I’m a Cena mark. But I’d like to see if I could swap out either of the other two for Good Ol’ JR. Would make for some great stories while enjoying a meal.

7 as I met Lita and she was really cool and I want to meat Alexa 

or 3 to pitch movie ideas at the Rock 

9 I’ll bring my own lunchbox and ask randy to take a shit in it <3