Which team would you...?

.... train & fight for?

Chute Boxe, Lions Den, Brazilian Top Team, Russian Top Team,
American Top Team, Team Punishment, Team Oyama, Takada
Dojo, Golden Glory, Miletich Fighting System, Team Quest, Ruas
Vale Tudo, The Pit, Gracie, Hammer House, The Alliance, etc......?

Feel free to add the team/gym you train for...


Team Quest.

BTT, Quest, or Punishment (i like tito =p)


I´d say Nova União (Vitor Shaolin, BJ Penn)


I wouldn't just train with one team. I would train with whole bunch of camps.

I wouldn't represent a team. I would just train with bunch of different camps.

JHR's house of Couch fu.

Brazilian Top Team or American Top Team

AMC Pankration


easy......www.cityboxing.com =)

JHR's house of Couch fu was a close second


I don't train anymore but if I did and got serious hands down, PUREBRED Omiya and Killer Bee.

Cross train with Chute Box and BTT although in reality, I doubt they would tolerate playing both sides.

bj penns team or brazilian top team

If I had the choice, I would definitely train and fight for Team MFS. I think that, PM is the best trainer out there, and probably the most rounded fighter as well. Frank Shamrock is also very rounded.

MILLER is Correct!!!! AMC Pankration all the way!!!! The best gym in the Seattle area with out question!!!!