Which UFC game is better?

I have a PS2 and I am going to order one of two UFC games. Either "Sudden Impact" or "Throwdown". Which is the better of the two? I've heard negative things about "Sudden Impact" but it is the newer of the two games.

both suck, mma is too difficult to be adapted to a video game; too many elements. The fights in all those games last like 10 seconds long.

Terrible games. litterally un-playable.

Get New Pro Wrestling for the N64. It has Saku, Bas, Kerr, real MMA fights and flying armbars.

all the UFC games suck bad!...except the one for Dreamcast...
get PRIDE FC or Virtual pro wrestling for N64..But my pick is PRIDE FC..
But the K-1 beast attac is pretty good, but only for Japan.

The best MMA game for the PS2 is the Pride FC game. A few steps up on the UFC games in gameplay/moves. Far superior create character and move selections for created characters. I have about 100 fighters created after their real counterparts that look like and fight like the real fighter style wise. The AI needed a little more work for create character, ie how often the fighters uses moves, shoots, aggressiveness, pacivity etc etc. But still the best MMA game to date.

Someone really needs to put out a good MMA game playable online with an in depth character create, I know I'd get hooked.

I owned "Throwdown" but I sold it on eBay when I got Pride FC. Pride is very good.

I also hear that the K1 game (the one you CAN get, but it has no MMA) is good, and the fight night games for boxing.

Throwdown crashed, had slowdowns and crawled to 1 frame per second or so... and suffered (like all these games from dreamcast up until pride) from little differentiation (other than the look) between fighters. So... you could go in as Mark Coleman and KO people on the feet or submit them. Kind of silly. In Pride, by contrast, you pretty much need to fight in the style of the fighter you choose, or you're gonna get killed. Which is cool!