Which UGer is this?

Blue please.


The chances of him not being a UG`er are slim & none,and Slim is out of town.

Forget that guy - who is this?


He post here under the name JimmyRustle. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the embed!

UFC posted it on Facebook at last night's event. Come on, come clean!

Homeboy had floor seats and was sitting in section 112.

In Phone Post 3.0

NorthernIrishZombie -

Forget that guy - who is this?


Looks like Andy Milanakis. Lol. Phone Post 3.0

Oops, don't know why that post was quoted, but I meant the OP. Phone Post 3.0

It does? O.o Phone Post 3.0

Oh, okay. That makes sense now. haha Phone Post 3.0

The strange thing about the new just bleed guy picture is that the guy behind him and to the right (our right) looks similar to the smoking guy in the original photo/gif/viedo

TTT. Not a UGer??


If we can ID the guy doing our hand sign, that is a free blue name for him.