which videos to buy?

i am getting ready to order some videos.the problem
being i can't decide if i should get some of the tony
checcione [spelling?]catch wrestling or some combat sambo.

i would like to learn some different stuff than what
i normally train bjj for ground jkd and tai for stand up. anyone have any suggestion?
thanks in advance

What are your goals?

kirik i would like to get some stuff that is not usually seen at your standard grappling tourneys
i would like to learn some different leg locks,some tighter subs. just add to my game some stuff that the guys at my school have not seen. we train alot of bjj
so anything that i could suprise them with. i would like to go to the naga in march with some new subs.

macacos which videos do you suggest?


Tony's stuff seems to fit that perfectly :-)


What are your thoughts on Bruce Lee on Tony`s Catch Series,where Bruce seems to be over re-acting with some of his grunts and stuff? I found them somewhat funny,with no dis-respect to Tony of course.


huh? bruce trained with Tony C?


On Tony`s tapes,he is grappling with a guy named Bruce.While Tony is applying some of these holds,Bruce is grunting alot.I just think that he (Bruce) who last name just happens to be Lee is over doing it thats all.


You cannot believe how quickly and intensely Tony C hurts you with even his simplest moves.

You can debate the postion over submission theory if you want. I am not a student of his and am only mildly acquainted with catch


I have been his demonstration dummy at two different sessions when he visited our class and I have never been in so much pain so quickly from so little effort except maybe my herniated disc on my sciatic nerve.

Bruce is NOT overreacting.


thanks to everyone it looks like tony's videos are the one to go with.

clay you hit the nail on the head about vanilla bjj techniques! i am in boston so no chance that i could train with you thanks for the advice.


I've used the Catch wrestling tapes for exactly what you're talking about: Spicing up my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There is more than enough on them to keep the surprises going and I haven't seen a better tape on ankle locks.


WhiteBeltorg is 1000% correct!!!!

Get Tony C's tapes, you will not regret it

"...just add to my game some stuff that the guys at my school have not seen... subs I could surprise them with"

I go to this guy's school - and he wants to surprise me! That's it, I'm laying the smack down come Monday!!!