Which Weight Class(es) or the strongest/weakest in

in MMA as of now/in history?
Im curious because I want to fight within the most stacked in the future. This is just something im trying to wrap my head around. Note this isnt any cockyness on part, isnt just for years the talentof each division has shifted quite and just wanna now which has the most comp.

LW, WW, or LHW are the strongest. Flyweight and Featherweight are the weakest.

Probably welterweight, I guess?

As of now Im in the process of cutting weight and tommorrow is my last since my next bout is on june 18 @ HWT. Im floating in the 240's right now and until the day comes that there is a cruiserweight division (crosses fingers)Im thinking of dropping weight by the end of this year. My TKD 2nd Dan testing is also this Dec. so there's also that too consider. Im 6'0 and I have been at HWY all through HS wrestling so Im somewhat used to taking on guys bigger than me. And its not like Im in horrble shape or anything. ATM I have a Post-Pride Fedor build going on and I was thinking of pushing for a TK or HW Couture build if I was gonna stay at HWY.

Illmatic1492 - LW, LHW most stacked HW, WW weakest

Welterweight the weakest? Do you even watch MMA? Wtf?