Which Wich Sub Shop

They are building one of these in my shitty town. Anyone try the place before? Sounds like a sub shop with a few options.


Wicked Wednesday is awesome

their ordering system is fucking retarded.
the customer grabs a brown bag and uses a sharpie to fill in what they want… its basically like filling out a scantron.
it turns into a total clusterfuck when they get busy and or the line is full of first timers or old people.

Yeah, this. As I recall, they don’t give you much guidance or have any “stock” or “signature” sammiches. Edit: they do but I think you still have to fill out the scantron for toppings. It can be a little overwhelming.

They’re good sammiches, but I personally prefer pot belly sandwich works if I’m looking for that kind of sammich.

Never had one.

They opened one by my that lasted maybe 1-1/2 years.

The people I know that went said that other than the meatball, they skimped on the meat and were pricey compared to what you got at similar places (Jersey Mikes, Potbelly, Penn Station, etc)

To the Wich, Wench!

One opened in my town & was doing well until a Jersey Mike’s opened across the street 2 weeks later. It went under within a year.

The sammiches were pretty average & didn’t have enough meat. Filling out the toppings you want on the bag made it easier than looking into the tubs to see what you want.

The best part was writing a funny name on your bag so they have to call it out when your sammich is ready.

those are closer to like a potbelly type place if you’ve ever been to one of those

i used to be an it contractor for wich wich and i will tell you that they’re run by the most anal/aspergered out people i’ve ever dealt with. and i dealt almost exclusively with engineers and project managers in that field.

if you extrapolate their stupid ordering system that reinvents the wheel to an entire corporate philosophy, you get the idea