upcoming online powerhouse will win you over?

D3 (rpg) http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3

Star Trek (mmo) http://www.startrekonline.com

KOTOR (mmo) http://www.swtor.com

Starcraft 2 (rts) http://www.starcraft2.com

Gonna go with Star Trek. Fuck a bunch of sword play and magical powers with a new storyline. Ten years of it is enough.

old republic

old republic

old republic

none because they are computer games


old republic

I will get some punani instead.

Old Republic, but I will play Aion until then.

damn, no star trek fans

star trek looks cool, but not as cool as TOR.


Star Trek will have both MMO space combat as well as 3rd-person away-team missions.

And there will be an unlimited number of new solar systems and planets to explore and conquer, thanks to their new advanced auto-generating software which will randomly create a unique planet if and when you explore a new place in the galaxy.

that sounds very cool. I always like space exploration games like Privateer and Freelancer.

None as I'm not into MMOs, but Old Republic might make me change my stance


Starcraft 2, then when old republic comes out, both.