White Boy's speed shocks Deion Sanders


Some people are upset that Deion is even shocked as it plays into the stereotype that white athletes are slower but fuck that noice. Sanders was happy for the guy.


Dude is fast though. Anything sub 4.4 in the NFL is good.

Oh boooo

Last weeks thread was more comprehensive.

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Sometimes it's not wrong to react to stereotypes and I don't blame him for being shocked seeing a white dude run that fast.


O thought it was in fast motion when he took off. 

Harmless IMO...

Deon was open to the idea that his stereotype was imperfect and not upset when it was.  He celebrated a good result that was outside the norm.


this is how stereotypes should be used.  Based on experience they may bias your expectations but you have to embrace that individuals won’t all conform.

What is his name

Hope he never sees Devon Allen, he'd shit himself 

southcraw -

What is his name

The thumbnail of the video says Troy Apke in two places 

It's a funny statement. Not a big deal. Whatever. Just sucks that everything race related had to be a big fucking deal and a big fucking outrage. 

OPs name should be BruteDeion

Deon's reaction was more reserved than mine.  I probably wouldn't have hugged him though. That dude's fast no matter what color.  

Lots of white guys run that time actually. When I played at Oregon I ran. 4.49 as a 250 lb linebacker.   There we guys on my high school team that were far far far faster than I.   They just didn’t have the size to make it to the next level.  But holy shit one guy ran a 4.29 at 18 years old.  He became a school teacher.  He had all kinds of scholarship offers but chose not to play for some reason.