White 'Grave Yard Gangsta Crip' talks about becoming a BJJ Black Belt for Street & Prison Self Defense

Marshall Lipps [Rey Diogo/Carlson Gracie Team]

Lol stupid intro, and he is a crip? Yet the long intro is all bloods


Michael Rapaport hoping this guy blows up on social media so he can play him in a movie.


Street self defense for a crip? Is he gonna armbar the bullet coming at him, assuming it doesn’t miss by a mile?


I know Marshall well… he’s a great f-ing dude who has turned his life around in a serious way. Period.

I also remember him choking a gangster out cold in a taco shop near the school. He’s no joke. But he is also a hell of a lot more than that stupid video.

Everyone I know, loves & respects the guy. I respect the guy so much that when he opened a BJJ School, I told him I would teach there for free for a year or two until the place gets established. I’ll be there tonight.



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Bro, your posts are so satirical and read like Babylon Bee that I cant tell if your joking on this or telling the truth.

I guess that is a kudos to you in a way.

LOL… I know.

About this, I’m not kidding.


So why is he acting like a fag then?

I thought gangbangers only knew how to fire handguns at each other without looking.

I will defer to your superior knowledge of how fags act.



I’ll be there on Face book Live, Huncho Dinero style, shooting wildly into the parking lot in case anyone want to spin back thru!!!

That’s on my granma!


Edit until i get to a PC

The real story is how is a middle aged gray hair white guy in the crips?

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Graveyard gangsta?

n-word please.

Dial 1-800-SUICIDE and then we can talk about graves and whatnot.

Bla bla bla…. Once a peice of shit gangbanger always a peice of shit gangbanger.

There is no redemption, just like how Banco can’t unsuck all those dicks.