White guys who play basketball

Anyone notice their speech starts to change after a while, shorts start to droop a little lower, and they develop a certain swagger?

I noticed this in high school but didn't see white guys who played football or baseball develop these patterns...

What maketh the arising of a wigger OG?

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White guys that are GOODS at basketball are some of the whitest people there are. Phone Post 3.0

Steve Kerr is the white guy's white guy. John Stockton could date my daughter any day.

And Dirk is Hitler's wet dream.

So I disagree.

Pull those shorts up you thug.

Chris Mullin was about as gangster as you get

But OP I think you're thinking more about this guy.

Op has clearly never been on a basketball team.

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Maybe they are aiming for a Nike sponsorship? Phone Post 3.0