That is like a 9% decrease vs a 200% increase…does not add up.

Has anyone considered supply and demand? When covid hit and lockdowns with 15%+ unemployment and 0 new projects ect there might have been a massive over supply making prices lower? This in turn cuts production. In time demand returns and increases prices. As it does more supply will come but these thing don’t happen at the same time. If I recall correctly at one point they could not give oil away do you think that has no effect on prices?

I don’t know of a single oil refinery that was shut down or even scaled back their production since covid mania all started. Pedo joe’s cabinet is full of a bunch shitheads just like himself for not being able to see this and be pro-active about it. This is an administration riddled with inept woke and PC retards. They should have pushed for an increase in production when everyone was staying home circle jerking for months on end because we needed to flatten the curve for “two weeks”.

I think there are a lot of people who do not have a firm grasp on how the gas and oil industry operates. The gas you are filling up with currently was purchased months ahead of time by most gas stations. They simply adjust the price at the pump to offset future purchase and delivery cost. Now if the demand is up and production was not increased ahead of time your going to see prices at the pump increase obviously. Classic case of supply and demand.

Instead of this administration having the foresight to see that this was going to be an eventual issue once things returned to a somewhat “normal” basis. They decided to sit on their hands and not be pro-active about. A complete failure of a president administration borderline being the absolute worst presidential administration we have ever seen.

You know why Trump had a constant revolving door of cabinet members? He knew what the fuck needed to be done from the business side of things and if you were not up to snuff and willing to play his game he found someone who was better suited for your job as time went on. The current administration doesn’t have a single solitary fucking clue as they are concerned with only pleasing a few small groups of minorities that make up this country. While completely avoiding the needs of the majority.

Worst presidential administration EEEEEEEEVVAAAAA.


maybe people can try to heat their homes this winter with the lack of mean tweets?

The 3 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is going to throw money at ‘green’ hydrogen.

Talk about throwing money on a waste.

You could probably personally make some short term profits Plug Power stocks but LOL @ green hydrogen.