White House to deploy response teams to battle Covid


Has the government ever sent out response teams to go around injecting people with vaccines before ?

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We’re into year 2 of “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

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“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”


Vaccines should be voluntary. This feels Orwellian.


Congratulations this is what being a liberal fag gets you. You deserve it littie buddy. Now bend over and let big daddy Joe fook you in the ass!

Maybe next time you vote with a little common sense instead of your pansy ass feelings.

(If I have mistaken you for some other liberal shithead, I am sorry. Wait…no I’m not! Fook you)


YES, focus more on covid! Pay no attention to what’s happening elsewhere!


I didn’t vote for Joe.

Said no one ever

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Everyone will agree, then we will tax the fuck out of our businesses, and no one else will stick to the agreement.

Neither did I.

So douchey. Political tough guy talk is the worst.

I like that idea

You know he put that in quotes for a reason, right? He was referencing a Ronald Regan speech

For you guys who have examined it… what are the implications of “the great reset” in broad terms?

I know its a political phrase but what insight into implementation and ramifications is there?

The goal of the great reset is to change the structure of the economy and society in favor of less individual autonomy and more top down centralized control and planning. You see it across the board and all the way down to the misinformation propaganda that the media has been putting out lately to discourage property ownership…tons of articles like “Why Millenials Regret Home Ownership,” “Why Renting is the Smart Choice” etc. Real estate is a real loser! Lol. Leave the generational wealth building to the elites.

They literally say it as a headline goal, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.” When you combine a lack of ownership/total dependence on corporate/government entities with the push for tracking and centralized credit(and social credit) reporting, it becomes pretty scary. Imagine the pressure of cancel culture and compliance if your entire existence is at stake. “Vaccine passport required for all home rental applications” etc