White liberals kiss black Israelites feet

Fuckin unreal. Those dudes are literally the most hateful, racist cunts I've ever come across in life too. Seen em on street corners since I was a kid. 

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It's honestly probably better if a global pandemic takes us all out at this point...

God. Damn. 

They must have some fucked up fetishes.

ThAt blonde wants to put her mouth on more then just the boots.

Is that ksac and pedro?

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She had nice milky tiddies

Never understand why people in these places tolerate those scumbags and don't roll up in force and do at a baseball bat party on them.

These white idiots really need a leather belt taken to them.

Lol@bringing a 5 gallon jug for donations to that shitshow.

Haha lefty cucks are ridiculous 

Is Coronavirus such a bad thing? 


Ebony - 

Is Coronavirus such a bad thing? 

Nope… At this point it’s the only way to be sure…