White Light

How many are "actually" equiped with white light on
their person? I'm talking about SureFires or

They are to expensive and usefull to be left in a

How carries'em regularly?


How many are "actually" equiped with white light on
their person? I'm talking about SureFires or

They are to expensive and usefull to be left in a

How carries'em regularly?


I generally carry an Inova X5T during the day because it has a long run time.

I only have one Surefire - an E2e. Unless I am going out somewhere for a while at night(i.e. not just to the store, etc) or an inspection for industrial hygene, the Inova suffices.

The biggest problem with a single Surefire is that when the batteries die, that's it - absolutely ZERO light. When I have carried it at night, I almost never needed it. I do use it on building inspections and after 30 min or so of use I feel obligated to change the batteries out to ensure they are 100% fresh.

The Inova, OTOH can go some 20 hours without on the same batteries and most of the times (every time I have encountered) simply having a light to see your way or right in front of you is the most important. In general useage I rarely need the extra throw of a Surefire. The ARC LS4 is probably going to replace the Inova when it comes out for a great combo of runtime and throw. E2e will still reside in the holster.


24/7 Surefire man, here.

Z2 right here. About to pick up a 6P while they are still on sale.


I still carry my trusty 6P everyday!!! I have had this one for about 5 years now, but it continues to do it's job!

Train Hard it is the Way!

Steve L.


I keep my lights dedicated for the most part. They do
not leave their respective areas.

I have an M3 in the car with a beam shaper on it.

I carry my E2E with a TID on it.

I have a Z2 by the bedside.

I have an E1E for utility purposes.

My A2 Aviator comes along sometimes but mostly is used
for home.

My 6P is for the gun range.

I also have several large camping style lights for

I like the mini mag light as it can be disassembled to
become a "long burning candle".

I keep several spare SureFire batteries at home and in
the car.


I just carry a microlight on my keychain. But I've got 5 MagLites in various rooms at the house, and a MagLite in my car.

I'll pick one up when I find an affordable super bright clustered-LED light with good tactical characteristics (strong impact- and water-resistant body, fumbleproof switch on the tailcap or something, clip, etc.)

Shouldn't be too hard for someone to make one for thirty bucks American.

In the meanwhile, I just wear a single red LED (photon style) on my keychain. The receptors which respond to red light have the shortest refractory period of all, meaning that exposure will not affect night vision all that much. Not good for blinding people, but extremely handy for everyday use.

Arc LS. The slickest LED light out there IMO. Until I can get the newest ARC4+ which is slicker.

Everyone talks about the benefits of a good light for self defense. How are these used? Do you blind people with them?

Recognizing threats before they materialize is "huge".
At night you "must" have light. The SureFire lights
are very small, pocket size lights. They throw a
focused beam very far. you could easily light up the
darkest corner of a parking lot from any vantage point
with a little hand held light. They were developed for
spec ops use. Most civilians have not been introduced
to them.

Yes, you can also blind someone with then "even in the
daylight". This blindness only lasts a few seconds
(depending on model used) but it is a great tool.

There are also Tactical Impact Devices that can be
attaced to the bezel of the light. They are like a
mini sharks mouth. Great weapons.

We just did a video that introduces the SureFires for
Threat Recognition. We are now doing one that will
cover the use of the TID for fighting.


I just want to add (preach?)that LED's are the future though. They're getting brigher and the bulbs last practically forever. Even Surefire has LED models now.

So you like the TID? Can you go into more detail? It always struck me as a gimmick...

I carry a streamlight, so does the wife.

The TID's are very functional. They are a practical
innovation that have filled a here to fore unseen

They do not alter the projection of light.

They add minimal, yet benificial weight.

They are sharp.

They are easy on and off.

I have one on my main carry light. I'm getting several
more in Feb. I will put some on certain lights but
leave them off others depending upon the regular duty
of the light.


What's your opinion on the Pelican M6? I just bought one, pretty similar to the surefire I played with.

I'm still gonna get a surefire for my Benelli, but This Pelican was a great value (49 bucks, including 10 Litheum batteries) Check ebay for great deals.peace

are you aware of the legality/illegality of the TID Demi?

I'm interested in tactical light training but I don't know much about it. Can somebody briefly outline the major uses of a tactical light; meaning what are the different uses of it in a self-defense situation? Thanks!

Briefly, a light can be used in several major ways.

1. Target Identification - Primarly a concern when using the light with a firearm, though can be benefical im empty hand situations also.

2. Distractionary Device - The light, if bright enough, can cause a flinch response in a potential attacker giving the light user a window of oppertunity to either escape or take the fight to the attacker

3. Impact Weapon - The light itsel fcan be used to create more damage to a normal empty hand strike (gives weight to the fist, also allows you to strike with metal portions).