White male college student who thinks he’s ‘privileged’ is deprogrammed in REAL-TIME

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His last line was “Now I know where we’re at and I can go for real.”

That’s the way corporate America is with all this. They put up the front they feel they have to put up. They send out the tweet promoting the current thing, change their icon to the flag they’re currently supposed to support, and put out the announcement saying they care. Then they go back to their offices and say “now that that’s done, let’s get back to the business of making money.”

It’s business as usual behind the doors, but outside the people who support the current thing are eating it up, and attacking the business that didn’t put on the fake front they were supposed to


Everything these social media people do is thought out. She knows the cleavage is the only way someone will hit the play button. She would probably kill a small village of children just to gain a million followers.


Damn, she fine.

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This was either set up and he was already against woke shit, or he just has a good head on his shoulders. Guess those things aren’t mutually exclusive though. But most lefties won’t ‘deprogram’ that easily. They are almost all nuts.

I was curious what his buddy thoughts were and it seemed like he started to agree w the white dude at the end of the interview

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In my perfect utopia, there are tags we can buy, maybe 5 a year, where we can hunt people like this.


Haha, that was pretty good!

its weird that the video starts with him talking and not the question that he was responding to.

acknowledging that privileges exist (and they obviously do), doesn’t that a specific person A had it easier or better than some other specific person B.

He didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.