White man who pushed Black neighbor in racist rant arrested

Enough is enough. Time to put these slimeballs in jail.

Some dude pushed his neighbor and this is national news.

Thanks a lot Biden!


You got picked on a whole shit ton as a kid didnt you? You little snowflake.


'Now, what I did was not acceptable. It’s completely wrong,” Mathews is seen saying in another video.

This white guy sure exhibited alot of class in the aftermath of the altercation.

Kudos to Mathews


Now I understand why the news isn’t talking about ~100 black men shot in Chicago this weekend. There are only so many pages in that newspaper… where are they going to put the guy who pushed the other guy if they dedicate all that space to the 100 shot in Chicago? Man you guys, doing the news is TOUGH WORK.


hahha you’re a fucking idiot Op I love you man always good for a chuckle :smiley:

Really? Is that actually true? 100 people shot over one weekend?

Naw I was kidding dude. If 100 people were shot in one weekend it would be all over the news, right?


LOL @ the loser OP. Must suck to know nobody cares about what you post. You might as well not even exist

MPATop Man Wannabe


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Lol yep. The demand for racism is more than the supply. It’s money in the bank if any of these media organizations can find any example of white racism no matter how insignificant


I forgot about this twerp til right now.

Oh wow! Racism still exists! Glad I took a break from the 4 black vs 1 white beating vid rabbit hole I was going down on YouTube to read this article and open my eyes

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Meanwhile I was just listening to NPR and they had a black representative on there who wants to tax white ppl at a higher rate than black ppl

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Guys like this need to be in jail, let’s not confuse stupid with racist.

That guy is an asshole and deserves whatever he gets. Dumb fuck.

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Meanwhile blacks are committing self genocide, but ok!

but this white guy apparently committed a thought crime. He’s VASTLY more dangerous. Let’s ignore the 150 people shot in the more than 400 shootings over the weekend. It would be racist to talk about it.

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What was the initial argument over? Anyone know?

He seems real sorry here, knows he has a mob after him…