"WHITE PEOPLE" - Upcoming MTV Documentary

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here yet.

The white guilt in America is bonkers Phone Post 3.0

So it's the real life version of Seventh Heaven? Phone Post 3.0

It was a thread already.  Seems to be some of the same social manipulation shit that we have come to expect from Mtv.

Someonestolemysocks - The white guilt in America is bonkers Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Sub because I missed the other thread. Phone Post 3.0

Teenagers are already smart asses who believe they are experts in a specific subject after reading a post about it on instagram or facebook. I could only imagine the resulting shitstorm that will erupt after this show airs for a whole season.

Can they really air this on basic cable? It's white guilt pornography, should be rated at least NC-17 if not full XXX

It actually looks highly edited and stupid.

Oh jesus Christ....enough of this shit already


This is the point where I sit back and laugh as this generation has officially gone to shit Phone Post 3.0

why is a Mexican doing a show about white ppl?




"you kind of get this feeling that things belong to you" WTF? She must be an absolute psycho.

gregbrady - why is a Mexican doing a show about white ppl?

And isn't the guy an illegal immigrant?

An illegal alien trying to convince upper middle class white kids that they should feel bad about their skin color.

It would be hilarious if it was a mockumentary on Comedy Central or something.

Sick of motherfucking merica! Down the shitter we flow Phone Post 3.0


First time I thought....so happy to be Mexican!

white ppl are uncomfortable talking about race beacuse when we do we get fired unlike ppl of other races

gee I wonder why we don't do it.

There's plenty of frank discussions about race on here because there are no social consequences.

I would love to talk about the disparity in white on black crime vs black on white crime, racist affirmative action policies, etc. if I wouldn't get fired