White Russians getting pwned by Chechens or some shit lol

I was going to hope it was going to be those videos of animal russians being beheaded for invading Chechnya

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I watched that video circa 2009 and it fucked me up for days - never again

Real Nazis getting beat up for once.

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Is that the one where they were lined up on their knees and the dude went one-by-one slitting their throats? If so, I know exactly what you’re saying.

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Yeah bro that one, I remember my ex wife was ironing clothes behind me in our tiny apartment and I turned around and she was just standing there crying and burning my work shirt with the iron.

Really fucked me up, I loved that shirt.


RIP shirt, dang.

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And one of them made a run for it? And they shot him which was a better way to go, a bullet whilst trying to escape

I think it was Dagestan


Yep Dagestan beheading video, I remember hating the Dagestanis until I read what the Russians did to them first. Still it really shook me, those soldiers were just kids.

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Lol so Russian nazi faggot wanted a 1 on 1. Mid fight, he taps out to strikes.

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Surprisingly, the translation wasn’t that bad.

“Be strong be Russian. Russian power” very PG
Those cocksuckers are usually way more obnoxious

Are you Russian? How do you refer to Chechnya, Dagestan basically the muslim russian countries collectively? I trained with a Russian in Thailand, shady mofo on the run from the mafia and he taught me the word

I’m actually Chechen. Born in Grozny.


awesome, my friend at the thai boxing camp was from vladivostok, kinda asian looking muslim guy who spoke very highly of chechens and very badly of how white russians treated his family. Aparently at night they played street golf, ever heard of this?

Basically all on my mother’s side. My pops is from Ukraine. They met at a university in Moscow. Cbechens are known to be the outcasts or the “negroes” of Russia. I’m Americanized as all fuck. America comes first


Lol never heard of street golf, but they get bored as shit in Russia. You can tell by the countless outrageous videos

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According to my friend (fuck I cant explain how shady he was- but solid guy) the white russian kids walk around at night with golf clubs and play their version of the knock out game with anyone who isnt white with a 7 iron or whatever

Showed me a pick of his grandmother who had one eye from it, they literally did that to an old lady …fucken dogs

There’s idiots in every country. There’s poverty in Russian cities like you wouldn’t believe. It looks nice in Moscow, but once you step out to some shitholes it’s Krakadil heroin and $2 hookers.

Hot ones or junkies? I wouldnt mind doing a bit of whore mongering in that region.

It’s from the late 90’s. It was camcorder footage.


I’d do that to Russians if they tried invading our country and bombed houses and babies. We see how they work now. There would be no POW’s.